Diwali 2019

by Sheela nov 2 , 2019

ICSD celebrated Diwali (a.k.a Deepavali-festival of lights). The celebration marks the start of shorter days and darker nights. The evening started by offering prayers and distribution of Prasad. The colours and the festive moods were at high octane. This followed by an outside lighting of sparklers. The cheerful lot indulged in spreading joy. The antakshari (relay of songs) with dance marked a remarkable time-well-spent.  And, the ICSD event is always topped up with delicious dinner. The food theme of “Across India” added sparkles to the evening as well. The creative food delicacies by the girl power of ICSD and a melt-in-the-mouth desert, sealed the evening with contented souls. As always, ICSD Diwali added its own persona to the evening.

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