Step Count Challenge- Here are the winners

And then we had another successfull virtual event organized by ICSD- Step Count Challenge. There were total 12 participants and each and every participant did their very best and in total we had 4141608 steps. Thanks to our member Vijay for creating some amazing statistics during and at the end of the challenge and keeping the motivation level high of all the participants.

We saw some amazing records from the participants with Vijay hitting 60k steps in a day and 50K record was set up by 3 members- Vijay , Meenakshi and Smriti. And ofcourse thats not all, each and every participant went beyond their limits to reach record number of steps.

It was a difficult job to choose the winner with everyone doing so well in this challenge and based on different Statistics collected over the period of 2 weeks Smriti was declared a winner with 500K steps and 14 badges. But looking at the efforts put by all the participants it was very evident that everyone is a winner so there is a small gift hamper given to all the participants from ICSD.

Hip hip hurray to all the participants and looking forward to more such fun filled events.

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