§ 1: The community’s name is Indian Community of South Denmark (ICSD)

§ 2:  The community’s purpose is to make existing as well as new Indians feel at home and promoteintegration with the Danish society. We work to get other Indians to South Denmark but on a non-profitbasis.

§ 3: Anybody who is Indian or has an interest in the Indian community can become a member.

§ 4: The general assembly is the community’s highest authority.  Proposals for the general assemblyshall be given to the President 3 weeks before the general assembly.

The agenda shall cover the following areas: 

  • Choosing facilitator for the assembly
  • Choosing a person to summarize in writing
  • Update from last general assembly by the chairman
  • Presentation of Annual accounts
  • Defining the membership fee for the coming period
  • Presentation of proposals from the members
  • Voting over proposals from the members
  • Election of board members( President and 1.Board member every even year and Vice President,Treasurer and 2.Board member every odd year)

After the election, the assigned board members will meet. During this meeting the President, vicePresident and treasurer must be appointed and made public to the members.

§ 5: The general assembly has authority to make decisions regardless of the number of appearing members. The only exception to this is ending the community and the usage of funds. To end the community, a no less than 2/3 of the members have to vote in favor. 

§ 6:  Extra-ordinary general assembly can be arranged at any time by the board, and have to be arranged when 2/3 of the members express a need for it in writing. 

§ 7: Leadership consists of the board. The board represents the community in all relations. The boards’decisions and actions, which are in harmony with the community’s purpose and rules obligates thecommunity. The board consists of a President, vice President, treasurer, two board members . Theamount of votes must always have be an odd number. Every board member has only one vote. 

§ 8: The community’s funds are administrated by the treasurer and kept in a bank account created in the name of Indian Community of South Denmark. It is only the treasurer who has access to the account. 

§ 9: ICSD has following membership fee structure:Fee : This is per household

  • DKK 600 for 12 months.
  • Singles pay DKK 400 per year.
  • Person over 12 years: DKK 80 per participation in an event.

New members pay within 15 working days after signing up for membership. If a member have not paidmembership fee within 4 weeks of the defined date, the member will be excluded from the community.It will be up to the board to approve a possible reentry into the community. 

§ 10: Working for the community is unpaid. Expenses related to the work of the community can be covered upon approval of the board. 

§ 11: Resigning from the community has to be submitted in writing to the treasurer nolater than 14 daysbefore the beginning of a new membership fee period i.e.,15. December .

§ 12: Changes to these rules can be made at any general assembly, regardless of the number of appearing members, if at least 2/3 of the members present vote for the changes. Except for issues related to § 5. 

§ 13: Exclusion. The board can exclude a member, if a majority in the board finds that the member in question have explicated a behavior which goes against the interests of the community. Members can submit questions regarding exclusion in writing for the coming ordinary general assembly, as specified in § 4. 

§ 14: The community is only liable for its commitments with the funds of the community itself. Neither the members of the board are personally liable for the community’s commitments. 

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