Life in Denmark

by vijay kumarDec 25th, 2017

Moving to a foreign country and adapting to a new culture can take time. However, coming to a country like Denmark where the standard of living is generally very high and people feel happy and safe will most certainly make this process easier.Denmark has well-functioning infrastructure, a strong educational system and rich cultural life that can make living in Denmark a good experience for you and the family you may want to bring..

Almost all Danes speak and understand English, which makes it easy for foreigners to work and live in Denmark. However, learning Danish is highly recommended because it will help you engage with people both socially and at work.Joining an association or club where you can enjoy and perhaps share intrest is a good way to meet people and create a personal network.

How Can I learn Danish?

When you have got your CPR ( social security card) please visit local municiplaity they will help you join language school. Learning danish for first 3 years in Denmark is Free.

Moving to Denmark?

Visit for all the information related to moving to Denmark.

Denmark Quick facts
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